RCEM 2015: What It Takes To Be At The Cutting Edge

This talk was presented at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting in Manchester in September 2015. The title and topic were allocated to me by the organisers.
The talk is summarised in this 5 minute summary:

Here are some references from the talk:
Definition (from Wikipedia) of Cutting Edge:
State of the art, the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field
Cutting Edge Individuals
Aim for expertise and mastery, beyond just competence.
What differentiates the cutting edge performers from the majority in many domains appears to be the amount of deliberate practice, or effortful practice. This is when individuals engage in tasks with the explicit goal of improving a particular aspect of performance. They continue to practice and modify their performance based on feedback, which can come from a coach or mentor or the results of the performance itself.
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Best talk on mastery in medicine is ‘Path to Insanity’ by Scott Weingart at EMCrit.
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