ABCD2 evaluated

Investigators evaluated in admitted patients with transient ischemic attack, the accuracy of the ABCD2 (age [A], blood pressure [B], clinical features [weakness/speech disturbance] [C], transient ischemic attack duration [D], and diabetes history [D]) score in predicting ischemic stroke within 7 days.
Of 1667 patients admitted with TIA, 23% developed an ischaemic stroke within 7 days. ABCD2 scores were available in 1054 patients, in whom a low score (0-3) had a negative likelihood ratio for disabling ischaemic stroke with 7 days of 0.16 ((5% CI 0.04-0.64) and sensitivity of 92.2% (83.4-96.5)
The authors suggest the best application of the ABCD2 score may be to identify patients at low risk for an early disabling ischemic stroke.
A multicenter evaluation of the ABCD2 score’s accuracy for predicting early ischemic stroke in admitted patients with transient ischemic attack.
Ann Emerg Med. 2010 Feb;55(2):201-210
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