Decompressive craniectomy

Neuro-folks at LAC+USC Medical Centre describe outcomes for patients with traumatic brain injury without space-occupying haemorrhage who underwent decompressive craniectomy for intracranial hypertension refractory to maximal medical therapy. Of 43 included patients, 25.6% died (11 of 43), and 32.5% (14 of 43) remained in vegetative state or were severely disabled. Favourable outcome (Glasgow Outcome Scale 4 and 5) was observed in 41.9% (18 of 43). More evidence will result from two ongoing randomised multicentre trials: the European RescueICP study and the Australian DECRA trial.

Decompressive craniectomy: Surgical control of traumatic intracranial hypertension may improve outcome
Injury. 2010 Jul;41(7):934-8