First Resus.ME! Podcast

The desire to produce my own Podcast has been burning away for a while now. I can’t offer clinical pearls in the beautiful ways that EMCrit or EMRAP do, but I do want to share the news about the great resuscitation practitioners that have inspired me and continue to do so.
You have to start somewhere – I’m hoping to improve at this and would welcome any constructive feedback. Click the link below to download. If you play it in iTunes the chapter headings should be available as should links to the websites referred to in the podcast.
Resus.ME! May 2011

8 thoughts on “First Resus.ME! Podcast”

  1. Podcast within the blog works great Cliff.
    Also, Scott was a great first choice as an ‘island of excellence’… not sure I’ll quite be able to address him as ‘your excellency’ though…
    PS. Don’t hang up the microphone!

  2. Glad to see you’re podcasting! Also, I didn’t realize you were going to Hennepin County Medical Center after B’more. They’ve got one of my other fav ED docs, Dr. Stephen Smith (of the same titular ECG blog fame). Keep the posts and podcasts coming sir!

  3. Hi Cliff,
    It was really fantastic stuff, cool contents and musics, Thanks!
    I hope I can follow your podcast hereafter.
    P.S. Great Thanks for Dr Tzannes!
    tkarumai from JPN

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