How to Be a Hero

Kal-fly-iconI’m not a hero and don’t claim to be, but when I was given this talk to do for the SMACC 2013 conference I researched the topic and realised I’d worked with several of them.
The talk was the toughest I’ve ever given, because I cried while giving it, and knew that it wouldn’t just be the large audience in front of me who would know I was a wuss, but that it was being recorded for many others to find out too!

A full transcript of the talk, the slide set, and links to references from the talk can be found here.

6 thoughts on “How to Be a Hero”

  1. Dear Cliff,
    I might be going out on a limb here, but nevertheless,
    thank you from the entire #FOAM community for one of the most inspiring and powerful talks to date.
    You are our Hero.

  2. Cliff,
    Amazing, amazing talk. This has to be the best lecture I’ve listened to. It is exactly the message that needs to be seen and heard, not only in our profession, but everywhere. We need more heroes, more people willing to do the right thing and to hell with protocol when it doesn’t get the job done. And you are no wuss sir. You and your fellow heroes in your presentation are an inspiration to the rest of us. Job well done.

  3. Excellent show! Thanks for sharing your story sir. It takes extra courage to cry in front of others, and as Matt said, you are not a wuss. 🙂

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