SMACC Gold Call for Abstracts

A reminder that the closing date for abstracts for the SMACC Gold conference is Friday 22nd November 2013.

Why should I care?

Remember this may well end up being the best critical care / emergency medicine / prehospital & retrieval medicine conference in the universe.
Submitting an abstract is good for you. As well contributing to education and the world medical knowledge base, you’ll get an extra line in the ‘academic’ section of your CV, which will make you at least appear smart.
What can you submit? This doesn’t have to be ground breaking research. Case reports, audits, topic reviews, and even ideas have been accepted as conference abstracts in the past (you’re building a picture of my CV now).
This means you still have time to come up with something, and submit it. What’s the worst thing that can happen? It’s like dating – as long as your self esteem can cope with rejection, you’re better off asking than not asking.
Submit here. You might get a yes, adding instant turgidity to your CV.
Remember also that it’s MUCH harder for your colleagues and/or employer to stop you going if you’re presenting a poster or oral session.

I have no financial interest in the SMACC Gold conference


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