Here you will find links to Audio and Video resources as they become available.
I’m one of the RAGE Resusciteers – a contributor to the Resuscitationists’ Awesome Guide to Everything podcast
Talk on what a great job Emergency Medicine is at the ACEM conference in 2013
Making Things Happen talk from SMACC conference 2013
How to Be a Hero talk from SMACC conference 2013
Resus.ME! Podcast June 2012
Resus.ME! Podcast May 2011
I’ve been privileged to contribute to some of Dr Scott Weingart’s fantastic EMCrit Podcasts:
EMCrit Podcast 041 – Interview with Cliff Reid of
EMCrit Podcast 058 – Interview with Cliff Reid – Part II
EMCrit Podcast 047 – Failure to Plan for Failure: A Discussion of Airway Disasters
EMCrit podcast 082 – discussing a cardiac arrest case that I found difficult
EMCrit podcast 118 – discussing ‘On Combat’ book by Dave Grossman and its application to resuscitation
I enjoyed a cathartic rant about the (inappropriate) use of propofol for RSI in critically ill patients in Rob Orman’s ERCast:
The propofol assassins. US vs CT for appy. Defensive documentation. ERcast RANT-OFF
I was honoured to be able to contribute to Minh Le Cong‘s first Prehospital & Retrieval Medicine podcast
At Essentials of Emergency Medicine in Las Vegas in 2012 I gave a talk called ‘Own the Resus’

Resuscitation Medicine from Dr Cliff Reid