Two tier trauma team

Rather than activating a full trauma team based on traditional criteria, this team devised a two tier approach; if there were no positive anatomical or physiological criteria, a trauma team ‘consult’ approach was adopted, in which the patient was evaluated by emergency department and general surgery doctors only.

Of 1144 trauma activations, 468 (41%) were full trauma and 676 (59%) were consult trauma activations.. Sensitivity of the triage tool for the major trauma outcome (ISS>15, death, or needing critical care or urgent surgery) was 83%, specificity was 68%, undertriage was 3% and overtriage was 27%. There were no deaths in undertriaged patients.
This is an important study that has the potential to improve resource utilisation and even patient experience.
Prospective evaluation of a two-tiered trauma activation protocol in an Australian major trauma referral hospital
Injury. 2010 May;41(5):470-4