Can venous blood gases replace arterial gases?

A comprehensive summary of the literature presented by Professor Anne-Maree Kelly in June 2009 at 4ème SYMPOSIUM INTERNATIONAL BLOOD GASES AND CRITICAL CARE TESTING in France can be viewed on her presentation slides at the link below.
She summarises:

  • pH – Close enough agreement for clinical purposes in DKA, isolated metabolic disease; more work needed in shock, mixed disease
  • Bicarbonate – Close enough agreement for clinical purposes in most cases; more work needed in shock, mixed disease, calculated vs measured gap
  • pCO2 – NOT enough agreement for clinical purposes; potential as a screening test
  • Potassium – Insufficient agreement between serum and BG values for clinical purposes
  • Base excess – Insufficient data

Can venous blood gas analysis replace arterial in emergency and critical care?

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