Child development milestones

Does anyone else find these hard to remember as a non-paediatrician?
I’ve written a crappy little poem to act as a mnemonic for some important milestones and age-related features pertinent to ED assessment and communication. If someone wants to turn it into something sounding more like Gangsta Rap it might catch on.
At zero months some tone is neat
And keep them pink and warm and sweet
At two months head control is more
and smiles are something to adore
At four months when they find things funny
They laugh and roll back from their tummy
Roll both ways when half a year
Hand to hand and turn to hear
Should be sitting up by nine
Put things in mouth and waving fine
Speaking when a year has passed
They’re crawling with a pincer grasp
They’ll walk alone at 15 months
And use a spoon to eat their lunch
By month eighteen they’ll point to faces
Scribble pics and climb staircases
At two they run and have some dress sense
Rides trike at three and speaks full sentence
At four they have imagination
From five you try negotiation
At months nine up to fifteen
Stranger anxiety’s often seen
Distraction helps things seem less mean
But you may need some ketamine
**2104 Update** The amazing Grace Leo has recorded this as a song. I have no idea why but I’m impressed as always by her creativity and drive.
Here it is: