Don't just pre-oxygenate: have an Oxygenation Strategy

A key component in the planning of intubation is pre-oxygenation. Recently apnoeic oxygenation during laryngoscopy has been adopted too. These are just two components of an overall oxygenation strategy to consider when intubating the critically ill. Some patients will require proactive preparation of the components of successful post-intubation oxygenation, especially those with severe lung pathology like ARDS.
Here’s a handy list of things to consider when planning a peri-intubation oxygenation strategy. Some people like their airway stuff to begin with ‘P’, so I’ve obliged:


3 thoughts on “Don't just pre-oxygenate: have an Oxygenation Strategy”

  1. NIce list of “P”s…
    Would like to add:
    Pediatric (and adult) gastric desufflation with a suction cath
    Even small amounts of air in the stomach in paeds can have a negative influence on ventilation. Setting down a NG tube of a suction cath may relieve this.
    A percutaneous needle may save you, back against the wall – if there is large amount of ascites (in combination with proper positioning – dont have to lie down), and the needle may also work in situations with anourmous GI tract distension with air….
    Viking One,

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