Estimating burn survival

Even though we might not know it’s called that, many of us are familiar with the Baux score, defined as the sum of age in years and percent body burn, to predict percent mortality after severe burns. This is however a little out of date due to advances in burn care, and does not take into account inhalational injury.
The Baux score was modified using data on 39,888 burned patients using a logistic regression model that showed that age and percent burn contribute almost equally to mortality and that the presence of inhalation injury added the equivalent of 17 years (or 17% burn). These observations suggested a revised Baux Score:
Per Cent Mortality = Age + Percent Burn + [17 x (Inhalation Injury, 1= yes, = no)]
Simplified Estimates of the Probability of Death After Burn Injuries: Extending and Updating the Baux Score
J Trauma. 2010 Mar;68(3):690-7