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If you’ve attended a SMACC conference or heard anything about them, you will be aware that it is the most exciting, inspiring, interesting, and educational critical care conference ever.
It is a non-profit venture dedicated to getting the best educators, clinicians, and researchers in intensive care, emergency medicine, prehospital/retrieval medicine and anaesthesia to share their knowledge, for free, through the medium of FOAM, embracing physicians, nurses, paramedics, and students.
You can access most of the content through podcasts after the event, but there is NOTHING like actually BEING THERE to experience the vibe.
And in 2015 it’s in Chicago. In the United States. It will be AMAZING.
You can’t look at the program without being blown away. Just look at the preconference workshops and you’ll become vertiginous trying to get your head around the the fact you can’t be in two places at once.
Why am I raving about this? What’s in it for me?
Like the other presenters I make no money from this – I dedicate my time, energy and passion for critical care and am so privileged to be a part of it. But as a do-everything-at-the-last-possible-minute emergency physician, registering for a conference is the kind of thing I’m often inclined to leave a few weeks until I can get round to it. But you CAN’T AFFORD to do that for SMACC Chicago. Not only will you waste money by missing the early registration discount, you might miss out completely: I anticipate registrations will be oversubscribed fast (this is the most anticipated conference EVER) and if you leave it too late you won’t be able to come and will be confined to the crowd who are forced to hear how great it was after the event from the people who were organised enough to actually get there.
So don’t miss out! You’ll feel like a muppet! Treat yourself to the best education at the best conference ever – pull your finger out now and register. And I’ll see you there.

3 thoughts on “SMACC Chicago – don't miss the boat!”

  1. I would love to attend SMACC next year but as a nurse it seems the program is mostly directed at physicians. Any idea how many nurses showed up last year?

  2. Hey Brandon
    We love having all the Critical care team being part of SMACC – Nurses / Paramedics / Physician Assistants / Students / Pharmacists / docs – How we learn should be how we work! TOGETHER
    But more importantly we need all those people because they are all part of FOAM and SMACC has arisen from the FOAM movement. This however creates some challenges too – Docs predominate on FOAM and in particular male docs – There is an imbalance here that then carries through to SMACC – We are aware and working on this – we have great women on the organising committee, but only one student and one nurse.
    To answer your question – this year there were 1300 at SMACC and about 20% Nurses – This year we expect 3000 and so if nothing has changed there should be 600+ nurses attending. (I suspect more in Chicago)
    Finally I have about 10 nurses in my unit who went to SMACC – They absolutely loved it!!!!!!! There are about 20 travelling from our unit in Australia to chicago for 2015 which I think is the most amazing endorsement.

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