Which COPD patients should be admitted to the ICU?

A multicenter ICNARC-supported study of 832 COPD patients admitted to intensive care units showed a 180-day mortality of 37.9%.
A prognostic model was developed that was a better discriminator than the clinicians’ judgement. Factors associated with a poor prognosis included abnormal acute physiology, poor functional status (bed or chair bound, house bound or restricted), atrial fibrillation, male sex, number of days in hospital before intensive care admission, reduced midarm circumference as a measure of nutrition and muscle mass, years of age over 70 and reduced Glasgow Coma Score.
The COPD acute physiology score contains heart rate, mean arterial pressure, pH, sodium, urea, creatinine, albumin and white cell count.
According to a commentary in Thorax, “Results previously published from this study show that a large majority of patients with COPD achieve acceptable quality of life following their stay in the intensive care unit and would want to be readmitted under similar circumstances. This paper suggests that more should be done to help to get them this chance.
Hear, hear.
QJM. 2009 Jun;102(6):389-99

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