Easy rapid infusion set up

Kapoor and Singh's system from the Open Access article - click for explanation

Here’s a nice and simple set up for rapid iv infusions using simple cheap equipment

Full details at the Scandinavian Journal Site

Novel rapid infusion device for patients in emergency situations
Scand J Trauma Resusc Emerg Med. 2011 Jun 10;19:35 (Free Full Text)

3 thoughts on “Easy rapid infusion set up”

  1. Neat set up…but I think I’ll stick with a fire officer or ambo to squeeze the bag for now.

    Quick Q – is this set up sterile (can’t see how avoid squeezing crud from the sphygmo bulb down the airline into top of IV fluid bag)?

    And I’m still confused…are we supposed to be hosting in crystalloid ‘two litres stat’ per the old ATLS mantra or are we allowed just to give fluid boluses titrated to radial BP

    Still a neat set up

  2. Hi Cliff,
    I think it is important to stress the fact that they have used special giving sets that should stop air emboli. It would be very easy to give a fatal dose of IV air if a normal giving set was used.
    I’m not sure whether these are available in all ED’s/pre-hospital trauma kits.

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