NAP 4 Podcast

Check out for our Podcast interview with Professor Jonathan Benger, the Emergency Physician who contributed to the design, execution, and analysis of the important NAP 4 national airway audit, which has important learning points for all of us involved in pre-hospital, emergency, or ICU airway management.

EMCrit Podcast

2016 Update
An important follow up study showing the effect of the NAP 4 Audit:
A national survey of the impact of NAP4 on airway management practice in United Kingdom hospitals: closing the safety gap in anaesthesia, intensive care and the emergency department
Br. J. Anaesth. (2016) 117 (2): 182-190.

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  1. This was really great Cliff, filled with pearls. Much like you said you were when first listening to Scott, I find myself nodding through your podcasts with a few ‘damn right’s interspersed throughout. Can’t wait to hear more!
    All the best,

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