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Perhaps you’ve read the blog post and heard the podcast about the excellent NAP4 airway audit… you can start putting the learning points into action with the intubation checklist, developed by the regional trainee-led collaborative ‘RTIC Severn’. Thanks to Dr Tim Bowles for the link:

I’ve used an RSI checklist for both in-and-out of hospital intubations for the last seven years. The beauty of this one is the potential for it to become a standard within and between hospitals, so wherever you work the team will be on the same page when preparing for intubation.
Further details are at

5 thoughts on “Intubation checklist”

  1. There is much to commend this simple checklist to your daily practice if you have to perform emergency airway management.
    thankyou Cliff for your tireless work on this blogsite> it may seem thankless at times but you have your fans!

  2. Great stuff. I’ve become a fan of the ‘McDonalds’ approach to prehospital intubation – same kit, same drugs, same sequence everytime.
    It may seem dumbing down but checklists do help, especially for the “occasional intubator” such as us bush doctors.
    Any thoughts to disseminate this across the Australasian scene – I’m sure the ACRRM, ELS and RESP/REST mob would be interested.
    For now, I’ll be shamelessly ripping it off and sticking it on the wall in our resus bay so that everyone’s on the same page.
    Any thought about those ‘RSI setup mats’
    Tim Leeuwenburg
    Kangaroo Island

  3. Hi cliff. Love the site, so much good stuff.
    I have borrowed some of your links for my blog as we both have the same goals
    On the intubation checklist I think the NAP4 data supports the inclusion
    of a specific prompt to consider awake FO tube if indicated.
    What do you think?
    Hi to dr Lewenberger on KI, we met in Broome a while ago
    Check out my site if you want to disperse info to the bush
    Casey Parker

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