Training in prehospital and retrieval medicine

I’ve been too busy to blog literature updates for a couple of weeks since I and my colleagues have been flat out running a two week training course in prehospital and retrieval medicine.
Our Helicopter Emergency Medical Service physicians and paramedics care for a wide range of adult and paediatric trauma and critical care patients in some challenging environments. We therefore need to provide a fairly comprehensive induction course for new recruits.
The new guys did us proud. They just need to stay this awesome.

5 thoughts on “Training in prehospital and retrieval medicine”

  1. Great stuff
    Was than an Ambu Ascope I spotted in use? Are you guys using them now? Any comments on their use…weighing up pros/cons of this vs the Levitan for fibreoptic intubation through an iLMA

    1. Yes – no operational experience yet, but we’ve used it to intubate through the iGel in pigs, human cadavers, and manikins. Levitan also good for this but we have the option of awake flexible-optic intubation with the Ambu aScope (can’t really call it fibreoptic because that’s not how it works)

  2. Ah-ha – am tossign up between the levitan and the ascope currently. I kind of like the latter cos can do AFOI with it, and I’m terrified of bending a levitan into the preferred ‘sigma’ configuation
    However, a levitan would cost us around $2K which is cheaper than buying five (disposable) Ascopes! Decisions, decisions
    Was that Ruby in some of those vids?

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