Resus.ME is about staying up to date in all aspects of life-saving medicine, from acute medicine and paediatrics, to emergency and critical care medicine, and even pre-hospital care.

I believe we have a responsibility to stay at the cutting edge of resuscitation, and I want to share what I learn.

cliffreidSMACCI post occasional updates from the literature as well as reflections on aspects of resuscitation. I care about saving lives in and out of the hospital, in adults and children.

There is inevitably a bias towards the things that interest me: refuting dogma and going beyond basic guidelines. I do not critically appraise all articles quoted and cannot attest to the validity of the findings reported.

Any opinions expressed are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my employers. No non-consented identifiable patient details are ever posted.




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See you in the resus room


Dr Cliff Reid